only you

Founded in 1999 on Vila Nova de Famalicao, City in the Vale do Ave, North of Portugal, Only You is an SME textile firm whose main activity is the development and production of collections, and prêt-à-porter in circular knitting for man, woman, child and baby segments to international brands.


Our company is integrated in Maria Madalena Rocha Azevedo Group, specialized in the production of circular knitting for over 30 years.



With a prime location we have access to a wide range of local suppliers for stamping, embroidery, transfers and all kind of accessories, ensuring a wide range of synergies in terms of quality, flexibility and quick response.

In 2009, the company decided to create the Pink Moon brand, which operates in the segment of lady sleepwear - pyjamas for several different occasions. The Pink Moon brand, although young, is already implemented in some European markets.